Shopping and chatting with a friend: two great life plesures, especially if lived together. Too bad this is not possible with online shopping. But what if it was? All it took was bring together in a community the most passionate QVC fans to get the word of mouth going, to bring awareness and lots and lots of conversation.

The briefing

Aware of having a loyal customer base, the QVC shopping TV channel asked us for a solution to gather its big spenders in a virtual place and turn  them into ambassadors: not just customers but real spokepersons for values, promotions and branded products. Ambassadors would be given the task of testing news products first and engage new friends through exclusive promotions.

The approach

Siamo.qvc.it is an invitation based community: the most loyal customers, chosen by QVC, can subscribe and take part in a rich program of actions, events and promotions. 
Through a simple and intuitive interface, the QVC members can have access to different activities according to the proposed calendar and proposing exclusive promotions to friends, by sharing their code. A rich magazine shows new brands and all the program news. A score is assigned to each actions in the community: in this way, an algorithm calculates wich are the most active users to recommend the most exclusive events to them. A rewarding program has points, to be converted into discounts, for all  purchases made by a friend.

The extra idea

Next to brand / customer interaction tools, we wanted to encourage the creation of a real community for the ambassadors themselves. Each member of QVC can customize their profile with a photo and a cover image; a forum and a private message system have been implemented. The result? The first ambassadors, once their mandate was over, asked to remain and to keep in touch with Sìamo QVC new friends. They have been given the “senior ambassadors” title, experts who can give advice to new members. This is loyalty too.


Sìamo QVC not only means taking part in suggested activities, but also having a privilaged relationship with the brand. The ambassadors can access exclusive events, take part in chat with TV presenters, to get to know them even better and make their figure more human and closer.


Our editorial staff monitors and moderates all conversations to ensure that they comply with the set up netiquette. The three hundred operating ambassadors produce an avarage of a hundred messages daily. Fortunately the vibe within the community is polite and respectful: only the good about shopping is shared.