Bringing together two brands and their content in a single site, creating simple navigation paths and useful tools for customer engagement: this is the challenge that Olojin has taken up in creating the Pam Panorama site. The keyword? Loyalty, of course. 

The briefing

The starting point: two different sites (Pam and Panorama) with mostly double content, not always clear browsing paths, a series of initiatives and offers to be communicated and a cutting-edge couponing activity, but not enhanced by an accurate and systematic profiling. Olojin was asked to put order in digital communication, taking advantage of the many potentials of the brand.

The approach

In remaking the Pam Panorama site, with the signs gathered in a single gateway, we have followed one of our main rules: everything is connected. In this way, smooth and intuitive navigation routes have been created, where the user could reach the same information through different channels. The magazine and recipes areas gather contents once split, rationalising them with tags, filters and index. Particular attention was paid to events communication in store, creating a dynamic calendar that refers to the detail of each store profile.

The extra idea

The customer is always in focus both for Olojin and Pam Panorama. For this reason the fidelity card holders area has been renewed and enriched with services, to experience the site and the store in a more engaging way. Users were able to have an easy access to information on their favourite store and coupons, but also save the most interesting magazine content and beyond. To make newsletter management easier, we automated coupon creation to send them via e-mail, dynamically composed of images, discount values and barcodes.


Large scale distribution also means large quantities of contests. Every day, the most famous brands offer various types of promotional operations, in addition to those organized by the sign itself. A real hunt for the competition was born among some customers, in order to compose their shopping list according to their chances of winning. For this consumers group, Olojin came up with an area dedicated to all active competitions. In this area, a wall displays in a simple and clear way the active and finished contests, which can be filtered to select the ones that need to have the fidelity card or those that don’t. By clicking on the preview, it is possible to analyze the mechanics and discover the rules of each operation. By the way, did you know that many of the Pam Panorama contests are designed, managed and organized by Olojin? But we will talk about this again.