Prize contests are strong engagement instruments, because they make customers retain to a brand or a sign, in a simple and fun way. Instant win, prize draws, sending of original content rated by a jury: these are some examples of effective solutions. Every mechanics is studied in detail according to the companies’ goals.

The briefing

Contests are not just a promotional tool, but also a way to convey a message.
Pam Panorama asked us to focus on its customers’ wellbeing, on the protection of the environment and on its attention against food waste and towards a healthy and balanced diet.
All of this was also made to increase requests on its fidelity card, called “Carta per te”.

The approach

The contests, created in less than a year, were two and different in mechanics (UGC content upload on one side and instant win on the other) to make the offer varying and to test the public response. With “Reimpiatta il piatto” contest, dedicated to fidelity card holders, we asked customers to create anti-waste recipes, starting from left-overs. A jury of foodbloggers then had to choose five winners among the most rated ones. For “La fortuna è servita” contest, open to all customers (fidelity card holders had more chance of winning though), we weekly designed eight virtual tables in a thematic and healthy way (breakfast, vegeterian dishes, fish second courses, etc). So the customers, by clicking on one of the dishes, immediately found out if they had won one of the daily prizes.

The extra idea

We wanted to make “La fortuna è servita” both funnier and more educational, adding to the contest a scientific twist.
That’s why we engaged Dr Giorgio Donegani, a nutritional biologist, that worked with us, drawing up multiple choice questions on proper nutrition. To access the final draw, customers had to answer one of these questions, different each week. This was an engaging way to mix business and pleasure, and to make people reflect on nutrition while trying their luck.


Anyone who relies on Olojin to create a contest, knows they will find a complete and turnkey solution. First of all we start with the study of a concept, machanics and image, starting from the basics: naming and logo. We also deal with burocracy and the legal aspects, such as the drafting of the competition rules, prizes assignment, the jury selection and the closing procedures. We can also take charge of customer service for the entire duration of the contest and deal with prizes collection and delivery.