Olojin’s story begind before it Olojin itself,
when our CEO Stefano was among the first in Italy
to enter the world of web communities.
Gathering and connecting are not just a choice:
they are part of our DNA.


KTM team at the Parsi-Dakar route

Internet connection was poor, but resourcefulness was not lacking.
Thanks to a satellite system for images transmission, the KTM team’s web site, coordinated by Stefano, was up to date before the official one of the Paris-Dakar route.


The first web communities in Italy

Virtual friends, galleries, event planning: basically Facebook before Facebook.
Stefano took part in the first web communities in Italy such as Nutella, Comix, Aprilia, Diadora, Hankel.




A pioneering project: IKEA community

The first IKEA web community in the world was an Italian pioneering project, and it was ours.
It was a test that involved a small number of shops few, to explore the capabilities of this tool.


Jack Daniel’s web community

Through the “Jack ti ascolta” (Jack hears you) web community, we gave visibility to Italian street bands, so as to allow them to perform in Jack Daniels’ pubs,after an online selection.


Hemma, the first IKEA web community

Test passed: the pioneering project became the first IKEA web community, Hemma. Fidelity card holders exchanged ideas, messages and projects. This activity was echoed in the offline world with events at Salone del Mobile in Milan.


Diadora and the tailor-made e-commerce

Have you ever created a customized shoe online? Our Diadora e-commerce allowed people to do it by choosing various details e then displaying a 3D rendering before the purchase.

At home: the IKEA e-learning for schools.

Online teaching guides, comprehension quizzes and a group project to publish online in a virtual gallery: this is the heart of our e-learning project for schools, created in cooperation with IKEA and, eventually, personalized for other clients.


Managing Gardalan fan page

When we took over Gardaland Facebook fan page, it numbered 610.000 fans.

Our Goal? Increasing it up to 1 million.

And we succeded in less than a yer.
Managing such a big fan page means handling every day many eccentric requests, but also having lots of fun in finding creative solutions to engage and entertain


Viviconstile: Legambiente’s community for change

Through local and theme-based web communities, Viviconstile encourages environmentally friendly actions. This is the way Legambiente brings to life its projects.


Alì&Aliper and the loyalty for large scale retail trade

We designed the first advanced loyalty solution for Alì&Aliper, made up of: dynamic flyers, shopping lists, online fidelity card requests, donations, points conversion into vouchers, incremental user’s profiling, preliminary oline rewards reservations.


Loyalty for Pam Panorama

We mastered an important step in the merging of Pam and Panorama, by suggesting and creating a single website for the two companies. It embeded content and functions of the existing ones, and we added advanced loyalty features such as dynamic login, that allowed each customer to see personalized content, and a forwarding system for coupons, customized according to each user.


Social media and loyalty for Bialetti stores

We administered the digital functions linked to Bialetti shops’ fidelity cards, in Italy, Spain and France, and we managed for them social media and on-site communication.


SìAmo QVC: brand ambassador’s community

Shopping and having conversasions are two pleasures of life. They both come with Sìamo QVC, an ambassador’s community that was created as a means to test new products and advertise offers. It’s a place to share shopping experiences and to find new online friends.