Innovation in pharmaceutical industry has many pathways: from the development of increasingly effective products, to offering new services and sales channels. This is the case of Meltias Group and of its two brands Dermour and Meltias Lab: excellences that have gained a special market by working with Olojin.

The briefing

Meltias group’s professionals have developed two highly advanced brands, on sale in their pharmacies: Dermour, a cosmetic and cosmeceutical line for face and body, and Meltias Lab, extrimely effective food supplements with active ingredients.
Meltias turned to Olojin to create a new online sales channel, capable of being integrated with their existing systems, and with the aim of enhancing the quality of their products, the group’s professionalism  and customers’ loyalty.

The approach

The e-commerce www.meltiaspharma.it that Olojin built, connects directly to the pharmacy’s management software, to keep prices and stock always updated.
In addition to standardized features of online sales, the website offers a direct consulting service with a pharmacist through a private chat. The loyalty plan provides a collection of points that can be accumulated through purchases, activities on the website and promotions. These can be converted directly into new e-commerce purchases with each product indicating both the price in euros, and how many points are necessary to obtain it for free. To support brand awareness, the launching of the e-commerce was associated with a social network and web advertising campaign.


The extra idea

Proposing two completely new product ranges means having an entire brand image to build. 
We did it through social media, for which our team worked out a distinguished graphical design that allowed the use of existing product photos, unframed and outside a specific setting, to convey a fresh and eye-catching allure. Employing these graphical ideas, we monthly prepare a publishing plan that, according to our client’s policy, is based on functional division of their channels: the Facebook page mainly provides e-commerce promotions and news, whereas the two Instagram channels about Dermour and Meltias Lab, are assigned to engage consumers and to the brand’s image construction.


Meltias Lab and Dermour’s Instagram profile pages have an important common feature: the ingredients used, which are both of high quality and efficacy, is their distinctive trademark. This very concept has been interpreted in two different tones of voice, that reflect the positioning of the brands. Meltias Lab is more informational, while Dermour mainly aims to engage through quizzes and interactive stories.