Have you ever thought about the impact your life-style has on the environment? And that a few daily activities are enough to start living in a more sustainable way? Viviconstile is a community that Olojin developed for Legambiente, that is devoted to those who want to become the driving force behind change and commit to doing something practical for our planet.

The Briefing

When Legambiente contacted Olojin, it already had an active Milan-based community, that would become the heart of the newer Viviconstile. There was a twofold challenge: to create a smart community with particularly complex functionalities, that would integrate into the new structure all personal data, including the one already possessed, so as to simplify the change for long-time users, and to provide new interacting opportunities.

The approach

Being enrolled in Viviconstile means commitment to safeguarding the environment. This idea originated the “actions for change”: tangible acts such as “I'm starting to grow vegetable in my garden or balcony” and “I’m not going to school with the car anymore” that every user can sign-up to, committing to respect them. To join users according to their interests and to facilitate territorial connections, the general community was divided into local and theme-based. Every community can have its own magazine and can advocate initiatives. Articles and actions can be shared by multiple communities or be solely of one. This has resulted in an extremely flexible structure that adapts to every specific need.

The extra idea

How can you encourage users to join a change of action? A reward is surely an important factor. For this reason, the website’s homepage has a specific area for most active members, who are selected automatically by the tech platform according to the number of undertaken actions.  Every user can, simply with one click, suggest a new local community to the management team and help in improving the environmental conditions in their city.


The Legambiente Good Food Bag project, designed for schools, was the chance to develop a gamification mechanism inside Viviconstile. With the release of Good Food Bag, a special “doggy bag” that aims to reduce waste in schools cafeterias, also a new section was opened inside the devoted theme-based sub-community. Teachers, after enrolling, were invited to answer some surveys in order to prepare a report about the food saved from waste every week. A seed was assigned to each teacher, that every five filled in inquiries, would become a sprout, then a bush and finally a tree.  A specific ranking made it possible to identify which teacher had virtually grown more trees: a fun way that engaged users and at the same time collect data about the progress of this project. Even a doggy-bag can help the planet.