Do you know those products that are so good that, once tried, you’ll never leave them? This is the case of Coopervision contact lenses: from here, the strategy of offering an incentive for the first purchase, through prizes operations. A turnkey project that Olojin followed in every aspect, from the design to prizes management.

The briefing

Producer of various contact lenses, Coopervision asked us for a turnkey solution for six prizes operations: when purchasing some packs of lenses, the customer received a gift.
Essential requirements were: creating a mechanism that could be managed by the customer independently, without the support of the shopkeepers; developing a single platform to reduce costs and custom it with specific graphics and comunication for each brand; studying a mechanism that would avoid fraud; managing prizes in a quick and rewarding way for partecipants.

The approach

Six different prizes operations for six different brands. After a simple registration, the user had to upload a photo of the packs purchased and the receipt.
The system automatically checked the uniqueness of the receipt data (shop code, date, receipt number and amount) to avoid multiple games.
For each operations, Olojin worked on the naming, comunication campaigns, site, promotional material in store, legal management, prizes purchase and distribution, customer service. The prize choice, a digital Amazon voucher, has ensured a particularly fast delivery: partecipations were validated manually and the email with the prize code sent automatically.

The extra idea

Despite the simple mechanics, there were many cases of incorrect participation: illegible photos, incorrect products, incorrect data entry.
To manage these anomalies, speed up the validation process and ensure the satisfaction of participants, we created an internal ticketing system, with emails ready for each recurring case. We also scheduled a recall for those who, after receiving our request, had not uploaded their photo and data again yet.
In this way, the only ones to remain without a prize were those who actually did not meet the requirements.


The keys to success for this operation? Engage other brands users to make them try out CooperVision products. That’s why the focus of the communication took place in store, aiming to communicate the operation through different materials to those who were planning to buy other contact lenses.