How to take care of your customers without seeing them but constantly being close to them? Through the developement of a Facebook strategy that makes brand identity and presence felt even far from the shelves. 

The briefing

A recognizable identity on Facebook and an extra service to customers that want to stay up to date on promotions, products and news from the Famila world. Familiarity, kindness, trust and quality, all that you would expect to find in a real family, but on Facebook. The Famila Italia page made its online debut in May 2015 and now counts more than 85 thousands fans.

The approach

Recipes, curiosities, quizzes, but also social responsability initiatives and projects dedicated to schools and families: on Facebook, Famila tells about its brand and its products with the many nuances of everyday life, as if it is the counter staff who speaks. 
The visual identity of each post is designed to increase its recognition within the Facebook feed, thanks to a format that acts as a common thread for all content within the page. In addition to this, during major holidays and events, Facebook and the website coordinate their image and "dress" in the same way.
Just like in a family, the Famila page celebrates festivities and important events, gives advice and talks to fans about cooking and eating habits. It's like a nice family dinner, from a social media perspective.

The extra idea

It’s known that every family has its own traditions, rituals and secrets: by introducing special posts on the kitchen tools of the past, we have stimulated the curiosity of fans and aroused memories related to their families.
By proposing images of kitchen utensils from the past, we ask fans if they can recognize their function.The answers are often correct and fans also like to tell the context in which they saw the tools: used by mothers and grandmothers, or still having them in their houses.
Gratifying each response with an encouraging commentary encourages other fans to participate.


Have you ever made a complaint on Facebook? Nowadays Social Networks are the easiest and more direct way to get in touch with companies. That’s why they are an unlimited source of useful insights. For Famila we have carried out an annual qualitative / quantitative analysis, aimed at identifying the issues most frequently raised by fans, the locations with the highest incidence of complaints, the general sentiment of the brand during the year and that of the different locations. This tool allowed us to identify critical areas and to direct upcoming editorial choices, to always be increasingly useful and relevant towards fans.