Before you start filling your shopping cart, before you look on the shelves, before you even walk through the entrance door of the store: today, grocery shopping starts online, at home or on your smartphone, where the customer does not just look and choose, but becomes the protagonist. Especially if the supermarket site is so full of tools and possibilities.

The briefing

It was 2013 when the Alì Group asked Olojin a project for the site of its over 100 “Alì & Aliper” stores, located in the Veneto and Emilia Romagna Regions. The goal? To give new and useful tools to customers to make the shopping experience more interactive, the loyalty boosted and to communicate the brand and its initiatives.

The approach

It all begins with a flyer. The transformation of the classic browsable flyer in a dynamic one, allowed the creation of new functions, as an interactive shopping list. A careful data management, codes, costs and images allowed the transformation of a complicated database in a simple browsable flyer tool. Next to it, Alì&You was born, the fidelity card holder dedicated profile, enriched over the years with increasingly advanced features.

The extra idea

To make your audience loyal, you need to know it. And what if you could make it loyal while you be acquainted with it? That’s why we created a progressive profiling area on site, where users, answering questions on their interests and on their family situation, could gain fidelity points. This tool was communicated in stores with an ambient advertising operation. We studied the dressing of the carts, the stickers for the aisles and other materials that would be a bond between different areas in store and questions in the profiling form.


With the Olojin developed tool, the Alì&Aliper loyalty program has been enriched in recent years with useful and innovative functions that always put the customer first. Have you got extra points that you don’t know how to spend? You can donate them to a friend, through a simple online procedure. Have you reached the points threshold necessary to collect your prize? You can book it online and pick it up in store when available. And much more: you can chose by yourself products to put on sale, creating your own offers that will be automatically loaded on your card. And what if you don’t have your fidelity card yet? You can request it online, and pick it up in your favourite store.


Putting the customer first doesn’t mean forgetting all the rest. The environment, society, suppliers’ relationships make Alì&Aliper a sign that pays attention to all aspects surrounding its work. Communicating this attention is crucial to enhance its commitment. That’s how “We love nature” and “Alì per il sociale” were born, two section where the company shows activities and initiatives in favour of the environment and different social realities, offering a punctual, complete and graphically involving report of all the results achieved. To value its suppliers and the quality of the offer, the “local products” area was developed, in wich every producer has its own dedicated space, with a company description, a presentation video and a link to all the magazine article about its products. A useful and effective way to add meaning to its values.