Thanks to Olojin’s tech platform, Sinteco offers its customers an extra service: the power to monitor all industrial machines remotely and, thereby, improve productive efficiency.

The briefing

Sinteco is a world leader in the production of special machines and robotic lines for every kind of industrial application, from automotive to medical and from electronics to mechanics. When Sinteco turned to Olojin with the purpose of seizing opportunities offered by 4.0 Industry, the need was primarily to offer an additional service to its customers: improve management and production control of Sinteco machines, by means of digital technologies, in a way that allowed the handling of safe data,  exclusively for the company’s use and beneficial for innovation and growth. 

The approach

We proposed Sinteco to start using our digital platform devoted to 4.0 Industry for their customer care. In this way, Sinteco’s clients have the advantage of being able to manage machines from an easy single interface, and they can analyze performances such as average production, waste parts, equipment efficiency, and unforeseen events. The entire production process is supervised by the user-friendly tool provided by Olojin, which can be connected to existing data management systems without replacing them, and allows real-time control of the performance of production and sales management lines. Sinteco, in case of machine problems and failures, provides immediate assistance by accessing the platform remotely, thus ensuring highly personalized and innovative support. 

The extra idea

One tech platform, many customization. Every company is different and that’s why our platform is customizable with a wide range of widgets, adaptable to every productive domain in the 4.0 industrial setting. Whether it's analyzing the condition of shifts or batches machines, or to consider the time and number of down-times in installation lines or other production rates, we provided the client with all the customization options both of widgets and of dashboard. Sinteco has thus acquired the competitive advantage of being able to offer a tailor-made service rather than a unique platform. 


Facing the challenges of 4.0 Industry means using digital technologies to improve corporate communication and culture. This is the reason why our platform couldn’t be only a data center, but also a support center for the human resources involved in the monitored processes. For Sinteco we have activated some widgets that allow, for example, to insert the handbooks of certain machines (and make it downloadable) and receive written technical assistance through a specific request form. But there is more: many other support features can be developed, such as cheeking-out the Frequently Asked Question, to solve certain problems; receive customized notifications, to fill-in an area reserved for a single machine with contents of various types. Since dialogue is always fruitful, there is the possibility to interact with colleagues in a forum, pointing out cases and solutions. 


L’utilizzatore finale della nostra piattaforma potrà consultarla attraverso un'app installata in un tablet fornito da Sinteco. In questo modo le risorse umane che si interfacceranno con il tool di Olojin potranno gestirne tutti i vantaggi in piena mobilità, anche al di fuori dell’ambiente aziendale. È sufficiente una connessione internet per consentire all’operatore a bordo macchina, al responsabile produzione oppure all’AD, di monitorare e gestire le informazioni in modo semplice e funzionale attraverso l'app collegata alla piattaforma.