I contributed to the construction of the first brand communities, when in Italy there were not yet what we now call Social Networks. In my career, I have always focused on the relationships between people. I strongly believe in the identity of the individual who, in the encounter with others, creates the strength of a community.
When I was a child, I use to draw and draw, and when i didn’t draw, I used to build and build with whatever object I could get my hands on. I’m creative and curious. I’m also a person who speaks a little…enough? Ok, let’s face it: I speak a lot. That's why I like to always have something to tell. From motorbikes to supermarkets, from medicines to coffee, from the environment to clothing: there are so many things to learn, that one life is not enough to know them all. Maybe that's why I love my job: because it makes me learn new things every day. Would you like me to tell you a little bit about them?

Since I was a child, my gaze has always been stretching towards the sea of La Spezia, trying to capture what is beyond the horizon.
That’s why, thirty years ago, I chose to take over my family business, specialized in the Nautical Authority field, and I was eager to navigate to new countries and markets.

My gaze has always chased the great lengths but also focused on the details, and one day it met Olojin. So I decided to set sail on a completely new ship for me, ready and enthusiastic for this new adventure.

Here I am: perfectionist as Monica of Friends, dreamer as Ally McBeal, idealist as Lisa Simpson. Oh yeah: I'm crazy about TV series.
I believe that the perfect communication must be just like that: synthetic, designed for those who have time for a single episode, but so engaging that it makes you want to watch the entire season.
In my previous seasons I got a degree in communication and a master's degree in copywriting and I worked in McCann Erickson and Armando Testa, before making my debut in Olojin.
And then there's something else to know about me. But I'll tell you about it in the next episode.

When I taste a wine, it is not enough for me to feel that it is good: I want to know how it became good. I often travel around Italy to discover vines and cellars, to discover the production system that makes each label unique.
That's probably why I started working on web programming. I like to follow the creation of a website or an app with precision, in every detail, taking care of the “remuage” day by day, until you get the perfect result.
So that every project always deserves a toast.

Let me introduce myself.
I'm shy but I never stop talking.
I hate sports but I run at least half an hour every day.
I love cooking but I'm always on a diet.
Even at work I'm like this: creative, volcanic and full of ideas, but precise down to the smallest details of each project, in every nuance.
After all, the work of an art director cannot be all black and white.